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    某知名500強外企招聘 Treasury Specialist

    • 2019年07月01日 14:16
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    職位:Treasury Specialist

    匯報對象:Treasury Manager




    • Local Cash concentration.

    • Review the cash flow forecasts performed by the Cash & FX team to ensure accuracy and ensuring the four eyes principle.

    • Design & maintain the automated local cash pool by ensuring that all relevant arrangements and agreements with external banks are in place. Monitor the operation of this cash concentration structure and remediate any deficiencies with the bank on a timely basis.

    • Manually drain or fund market cash pool leader’s liquidity positions on a daily basis fulfilling all relevant regulatory restriction with a view of minimising cash at bank yet having sufficient access to liquidity for the unhindered commercial operation.

    • Liquidity planning for designated markets.

    • Review long term (>1yr) business plan projections prepared by market Business Navigation and perform medium to long term liquidity planning & set credit lines for the markets. Propose for approval by market CFO’s & Group Tax any interim & final dividend to ensure optimal capital & tax structure.

    • Monitor the balance sheet of the markets to ensure that they remain within the appropriate leverage limits prescribed by group tax and local thin capitalization regulations. 

    • Maintain day to day relationship with key local bank representatives & advisors to ensure best funding conditions and access to industry leading solutions to manage regulatory driven friction of cross boarder movement of liquidity.

    • Monitor execution of commercial & financial payments and initiate remedial action with the relevant group treasury counterparty or initiate remedial action with solution vendor teams.

    • Project, regulatory & taxation support

    • Support country CFO teams with expansion projects, other initiatives and inbound payments related initiatives where treasury competence is required.

    • Support market tax, customs, commercial, real-estate, people & culture teams with treasury related expertise. 


    發送CVadamg@treasurer.org.cn 主題:職位申請

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